3 comments on “Some Thoughts on Meeting Your Big Damn Heroes

  1. Thanks for this! Great tips that all fans of anything should see! I’ve had the opportunity to meet, interact, and even get to know a number of people who have some levels of fame and the response Ive gotten from a simple thank you has sometimes been a simple you’re welcome to a short conversation to even a hug! Remembering that they are normal people will also help if you are feeling shy or nervous – they get that way too! For all you know, meeting fans and interacting with them may be hard work for some celebs, and imagine if they aren’t feeling exceptionally well or are tired! And thinking about what you would say to them, maybe even asking someone else if it sounds weird or isn’t appropriate, is always a good thing to do with any one! Being famous can sometimes be a full time job, so remember how you’d like to be treated when you are working and show them the respect they deserve.
    A tip I give to a lot of people – if you don’t know what to say, think of one thing that they have done – a particular character in movie or show (though don’t boil it down to a quote like the list above says), a book they’ve written, even something related to charities they support – and tell them how much that one thing means to you or has inspired you. Everyone likes to hear praise about what they’ve done and even more about inspiring someone to help others. Positive thoughts usually get positive reactions! 🙂

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