2 comments on “What Shepherd Book Taught Me About Conviction

  1. What an awesome post – thank you for that.

    Since I have all but given up on mainstream media outlets I must tell you that this article is the first I have heard of the passing of Ron Glass. You have eulogized him quite well and in so doing have my utmost respect.

    In my faith tradition I have come to understand that belief is a gift bestowed on humanity. It not something to work toward rather something to work with. It is an understanding that all our talents and experiences are the result of forces acting through us rather than having their origin in us.

    Without the character of Sheppard Book’s inclusion in the Firefly saga the entire production would have rang hollow. Firefly owes its success to the way it mirrors the psyche of all who enjoy watching it. There are those elements symbolized by the good Sheppard in each and every one of us. Whether made manifest in the belief in a Deity or simply an appreciation for each new day. Ron Glass is one of those folks that, to spite the fact he was merely flesh and bone, brought to the world a sense of calm conviction that we all not only recognize but dearly need if we are to approach anything resembling happiness in this life. We mourn his passing because we know that this too is the fate that awaits us all. We are reassured that the power to affect so many lives in such a positive way is a gift we all share (whether we know it or not.)

    When I think of Ron today I think of a man who is/was uplifting. His role as Ron Harris in the series Barney Miller did so much to quash racial stereotypes and with much the same force his role as Sheppard Book tells the science fiction buff that it’s okay to talk to God even if it might feel like a “long wait for a train that don’t come.”


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