11 comments on “For Our One-Year Anniversary, Send Elon Musk a Leaf on the Wind… Literally!

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  2. SpaceX recently made me an offer to work for them at their Rocket Development Facility, which I turned down in order to pursue another endeavor. Am I insane?

    • Hey, you gotta follow your heart. If it’s what you really wanna do and what you’d enjoy, ignoring things like salary or other so-called “practical” considerations, then go do it and have no regrets.

      • I’m more passionate about the propulsion research I’m working on now than I am about liquid rockets. It’s the real key to opening up the solar system. Plus I’ve been to SpaceX’s facilities, and everyone there says they work you to death. Turnover is high, and everyone working there will be burned out in a few short years, tops.

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